Mike Falzone has been solving the internet’s problems since 2006 when he became one of the first creators to establish themselves on YouTube. Hailing from the great state of Connecticut, Falzone began touring as a musician at 14 and while still his first love, Falzone has since shifted his passion and drive into pursuing stand-up comedy. After surviving two major health scares in two weeks, Falzone decided to move west to pursue his entertainment passions and has been tickling the funny bones of YouTube fans and L.A. audiences ever since. He’s performed at College Humor Live at UCB Sunset and appeared on-stage at the world famous Comedy Store.


It’s Falzone’s relatability, bad puns, and consistent biweekly uploads that have gained him over 15.8 million YouTube views and a loyal audience that includes the Vlogbrothers, Meghan Tonjes, Olan Rogers, and Taye Diggs (according to Twitter). Falzone has toured nationally for both his music and comedy, and currently performs weekly stand-up around Los Angeles.


Once named the “Kevin Bacon of YouTube,” Falzone is someone all YouTubers are either connected to or inspired by. His successful online presence has lead to opportunities guest writing and hosting on SourceFed and YouTube Nation -- a collab between YouTube and Dreamworks, writing a book titled “Never Stop Shutting Up: A Book of Advice and Other Things You Didn’t Ask For,” and creating a beloved podcast with his fiancee, “Welcome to Our Podcast.”

When not air-drying his dark curly locks or hunting down brunch in Sherman Oaks, Falzone can be found obsessing over WWE and listening in on strangers’ conversations.

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Why all of YouTube is connected by 7 degrees of Mike Falzone - Daily Dot (Carly Lanning)

"With 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute by 1 billion users in 61 countries, it may be hard to believe, but I maintain all of YouTube is essentially connected by seven degrees of separation from Mike Falzone.

But despite his all-star roster of fans—including the Vlogbrothers, Tyler Oakley, Olan Rogers, and Coley O’Toole—and enviable collaborations with such creators as Meghan Tonjes, SourceFedNERD, and Hannah Witton, Falzone doesn’t seem to realize just how influential and beloved his content has become in the eight years since he first started his channel. When it comes down to it, everyone knows Mike Falzone—from creators he’s inspired along the way, including Akilah Hughes (SmoothieFreak) and Gunarolla, to the most novice of YouTube viewers. "

Mike Falzone Highlighted by YouTube Trends -  "laugh-till-you-snort hilarious, an extremely talented musician, a published author before every YouTuber became a published author"

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